28 May 2015

A walk in Møllenberg, Trondheim, Thursday afternoon, 28-05-15

Two purple cushions, lying in the grass, apparently abandoned or forgotten, initiated this blog, though not the practice of documenting such phenomena, which has been ongoing for some considerable time, resulting in a large collection of images. Each time I encounter something like this, the question inevitably arises - how did this get here? What is it doing here? And of course, it is not doing anything. It is just there, where it is, in its place or out of place. Someone put it there, or didn't. It found it's way there, somehow.... As if inert objects could find their way anywhere... When we spend so much time considering context, the frisson of the decontextualised is not to be undervalued. There is often a strange poetry in the way a discarded or abandoned object inserts itself into new surroundings, a poetics of the devalued or debased object. These things have lost their purpose, lost their place, lost their value, have ceased to participate in the circulation of material values that absorb and circumscribe contemporary life in the web of neoliberal consumer culture.

Other items apparently have an informative function, as signs or symbols, as elements in a matrix of communicative entities. But their meaning might be obscure, inaccessible, mysterious, forgotten. I am drawn to traces, remains, markings and residues. Things that imply the action of someone who is now absent. Presence is embedded in absence, as an echo of what happened and who was there. Intention can be inferred, guessed at, implied, but not confirmed. Things were once made by someone, before they began their circulatory journey through acquisition, possession, rejection, refusal and abandonment. Some cultures survive, perhaps even thrive, through the recirculation of the obsolete, but our society attaches no value to that which has exited the sphere of possession, exchange and circulation. 

two purple cushions

red post 1

red post 2

broken red plastic tube

plastic knife, uses snus, string.

what seems to be a white sock

office chair on the pavement, note attached.

venetian blind resting against a wooden door

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