29 May 2015

Episode Two: Eidsvåg, Bergen, 29-05-201

Two short expeditions in the neighbourhood today yielded a number of discoveries in the realm of discarded and displaced things. 

Abandoned bicycles are a relatively common sight, but it is unusual that someone has bothered to stand this bike upright. It is looking out to sea, but has no wheels, so it is going nowhere. An interesting sub-category of the abandoned bicycle is that of the "underwater bicycle", most usually observed around Bergen harbour during summer months, but also encountered in other coastal cities.

The vodka bottle suggests a beach party swiftly abandoned when the heavens opened, as they do, frequently, round here. The assemblage of wooden parts from deconstructed Europallets has been here on the beach for some time now and has been mysteriously moving - in the past few weeks it has migrated about 15 metres north and has now reached the rock wall at the end of the beach so it can go no further, unless it turns and starts to move in the opposite direction. The green plastic folder with the exclamation "Tryk!" is one of the more mysterious items I have encountered recently. In Norwegian it means "pressure", and apparently in Polish it means "ram", i.e. male sheep. And finally, a champagne glass at a bus stop. Deliberately placed there, or simply forgotten? It may have been standing there since 17. May (Norwegian National Day) accumulating rainwater. My dog did not knock it over.

Bike facing the fjord

Soplice vodka on the beach

Maybe the work of an anonymous sculptor, who keeps moving this assemblage along the beach

Pressure Drop

Champagne glass  at the bus stop, Trollbekken, Eidsvågsveien, Bergen.

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