1 Jun 2015

A beer trail and some dead computers

A trail of beer cans through the woods and a pair of dead computers at the bus stop. Beer cans sold in Norwegian supermarkets normally carry a refundable deposit of NoK 1.00. In some parts of town, unemployed and otherwise economically disadvantaged people collect empty cans and bottles and return them to supermarkets to get cash. In a residential area you might expect that kids would collect them. The few cans documented here would represent something like 7/10 of a candy bar.

Two dead computers deposited by a bus stop. The effort involved in putting them there is probably the same as the effort required to take them to an electrical retailer's outlet, where they would be forwarded to a recycling facility. In Bergen, left out in the rain, it's guaranteed that they will never work again. At the same bus stop, last autumn, there was a tv and a microwave oven. They stayed there for several weeks, then disappeared.

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