19 Jul 2015

Various things in Catalonia

A recent trip to Barcelona and The Pyrenees yielded a good and varied selection of discovered items....

Old millstones at Casa Masova, Buira

Camouflaged rope loop on the trail from Buira to Pui de Fa

Gu package on Pui de Fa

Roadside ladder at Buira

Cosmetic tube and cow dung at Buira

Abandoned flip flop on the beach of the lake at Embassament de Sant Antoni

Shopping trolley parked outside the cafe and ticket office at TelefĂ©rico Vall Fosca at least 30 km from the closest supermarket.

Leaning flag pole at TelefĂ©rico Vall Fosca

Catalan grafitti at Guardia de Noguera

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